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ANSWER: Premises are understood as the rooms intended and used for accommodation of citizens, and also answering to sanitary, technical, town-planning and fire protection regulations. If the room does not answer any of these conditions, it cannot be recognized as the inhabited. For example, sometimes it is possible to see the offices of business concerns located on the first floors in apartments of houses. Such apartments meet all sanitary, technical and other standards, at construction were intended for accommodation of citizens, but they are not inhabited since are not used for this purpose. If these apartments also were inhabited earlier, that, with placement in them of offices, they are translated in uninhabited that is made out by the special act.

There is a feature in the course of installation of the minor. By the general rule for installation of the citizen in the apartment the written consent of all full age residents of this apartment is necessary. But for installation of minor such consent it is not required, it is installed after the parent.

At the request of the unemployed, and also if specialty of the unemployed or his low qualification long time is not claimed, he can be directed on training, retraining, professional development. Training is provided free of charge with payment of a grant.

If only minors aged till 14 years live in premises, the room is transferred by it to the possession according to the statement of parents with the consent of agencies of guardianship and guardianship. If minors ot14 till 18 years live, the premises are transferred by it to the possession according to their statement with the consent of parents and agencies of guardianship and guardianship.

At the address to an employment service information on labor market on all vacancies suitable it is provided to the citizen. The duty of an employment service consists in stay to the unemployed of two options of works which his specialties would correspond, to qualification, health, the previous post.