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Watering, especially overhead irrigation, increases humidity of a layer of air, reduces its temperature, creates in steblesty (and planting) more equal microclimate. Most frequent waterings by small norms, and in droughty regions — in combination with vlagozaryadkovy watering. Waterings provide effect on a high agrotechnical background at optimum doses of fertilizers, performance of all of necessary agrotechnical actions, for this crop.

On the irrigated fields cultivate hygrophilous plants with a big sheet surface which demand more moisture and in a drought at violation of water supply reduce a crop more strongly in comparison with plants on a bogara. It is especially important to provide plants with water during the critical periods. and winter cereals are most sensitive to a lack of moisture in exit phases in a tube and kolosheniye; corn — in the period of a and dairy ripeness; millet and a sorghum — in phases of a vymetyvaniye and filling grain; the leguminous — during blossoming; potatoes — blossomings and formations of tubers; sunflower — an of a basket and blossoming; a cotton — in a phase of blossoming and a zalozheniye of boxes; the melon — during blossoming and a.

Kseromorfny structure — one of signs at selection of drought-resistant grades. At cereals and other plants existence as if of a cover from older dried and died-off leaves surrounding the basis of a stalk and pokryva-is important