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Six creative ways to create block method outline

— waste of mining and related processing industries; on payments for use of natural resources the subsoil users who are carrying out: — development of fields in difficult mining-and-geological conditions; — introduction of new technologies, ecologically safe or increasing extraction main and passing components.

— losses of mineral at production — part of balance stocks useful, lost in a subsoil directly in technological process of production (ex- losses), got and sent to pedigree dumps, left in places of warehousing, loading and on the transport ways of a production cycle of a mountain during the cleaning, an osushka and transportation of oil, gas (technological losses);

At realization not of actually mineral raw materials, but products of higher extent of technological repartition of mineral raw materials (a brick, concrete, cement, the cost of unit of the got mineral raw materials decides on application of decreasing coefficient.

If the enterprise applies to water a certain technology of repartition (mineral extraction) or technology of water treatment on improvement for commerce (cleaning, pouring in bottles), the amount of payment is corrected by the decreasing coefficient defined as the relation of prime cost of the extracted water to prime cost of the realized water.

Under "directly the needs" it is necessary to understand the needs of subsoil users connected directly with mining. On diversified where mining is auxiliary production, the needs is the consumption of minerals in shop of production for needs of a (the underground water of own production used for pumping, washing of wells, filters, tanks; an expense at repair of wells, etc.), for economic needs, ­ activity of shop (the underground water of own production used for care of buildings, constructions, the territory, plantings; all-widespread minerals of own production — sand, clay, lime, etc., used for repair of buildings and constructions) and for drinking needs of shop of production.

For waters of passing extraction when developing fields firm useful, oil and gas; the waters used for maintenance of reservoir pressure at an of oil fields, gas, thermal and industrial waters; the extracted drainage waters cost is accepted at cost of production.