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Know-how (in translation – I know as) – the technical or other knowledge and practical experience of technical, commercial, financial and other character representing a trade secret which is not made out by the patent. The know-how can be both independent in relation to the patents and necessary for their use. The know-how can include also not patented information inaccessible to world community. It is possible to tell that the know-how is a detailed description of any technology understood widely: not only as description of production, but also description of carrying out financial, commercial, etc. operations.

It became one of the most important deposits of system approach and need for the head to consider the organization as the integrity consisting of the interconnected parts, in turn having branched communications with the outside world.

In areas where the technology is unique and is exclusive for one or few firms, the foreign capital will be invested only in the form of direct investments. More willingly go for sale of licenses of firm, going to create own production base in the country buyer.

Her competitors, and also the enterprises, the organizations and institutions delivering to firm the resources, information acquiring at it goods, rendering financial and other direct services have direct direct impact on work of firm. Communications of firm are shown on rice

Besides system approach there is approximately in too time a concept of situational approach according to which, the method which is most suitable in this situation, is defined by the concrete internal and external factors characterizing the organization and influencing it as appropriate.

Due to the lack of real and full data on work and interaction with environment of any organization, it is necessary as to carry out nothing the theoretical analysis based on own understanding of such influence.