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Such situation arose more than once in Egypt where the power of Pharaohs, apparently, was the most firm. It occurred in the second half of the III millennium BC, and then repeated repeatedly in the I millennium BC, during an era of weakening of a civilization of Egypt which is in anticipation of a gain Alexander of Macedon.

Opportunities to change the social status, of course, remained very modest: in China the belief in sanctity and firmness of the developed social hierarchy dominated. But the principle of an appreciation of personal merits directed development of this civilization in absolutely special course: in it there was a type of the state in which strong operation and hierarchy were combined with installation on relative activity of bottoms.

The main part of society was made by free obshchinniki-peasants. The rural community and in ancient civilizations, and during a Middle Ages era, up to industrial revolution, was the main production cell. It has roots in the remote past, during a primitiveness era, and then in neighbour's communities. On the basis of a primitive neighbour's community the community rural was created. However, in it also family, related relations could remain.