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only approximate concepts were also based on too strong idealization. The quantum physics demanded more adequate forms of orderliness of events in which existence of basic uncertainty in a condition of object would be considered, existence of lines of integrity and identity in a microcosm, as was expressed in concept of universal quantum of action of h.

How has to react to a foreign — vibration — balanced system? Scales could not stir, and physicists would offer to it quite rational explanation. Scales could leave from a, and then physics would find to this phenomenon other explanation?, at all not less rational. And what has happened?

which appeared more viable and in many respects defined development of science up to the present. It was about the logical doctrine of Aristotle on the basis of which the first scientific theories, in particular Euclid's geometry are developed.

These facts are that. If time influences on with relationship of cause and effect, have to ­ and other physical properties of substance, and not just weight.; So it also appeared. The thinnest confirmed: near a thermos where and cold water mixes up, the frequency of fluctuations of quartz plates changes, conductivity and volume of a number of substances decreases.