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There is an approach to pricing on information services directed on replacement of administrative methods of pricing more flexible, economic. It is suggested that this approach will allow to balance interests of the producer and user and to eliminate dictatorship of one party in relation to another.

Properly to function in the conditions of marketing, it is necessary to receive adequate information before decision-making. There is a set of the reasons owing to which marketing information has to gather during the developing, realization and revision of the marketing plan of firm or its any elements. It is not enough to rely on intuition of judgment of heads and experience of the past.

The system of collecting external current marketing information provides heads with information on the latest events. It is a set of sources and methodical receptions by means of which heads receive daily information on the events occurring in the commercial environment.

The researcher should not stun managing directors on marketing with quantity and refinement of the statistical techniques used by it. It will only confuse managing directors. It is necessary to present the main results necessary to the management of firm for adoption of the main, essential marketing decisions. Research is useful when it promotes reduction of uncertainty which experts of marketing faced.

In process of growth of the income buyers become more and more legible at a choice of goods. To sellers everything is more difficult to predict reaction of buyers to various characteristics, registration and other properties of goods, and they address to market researches.

If the researcher definitely does not know that it is necessary to study, it is necessary to carry out preliminary study. Its purpose - accurately to define a problem, using the information analysis. After that final research - the structured data collection and the analysis for the solution of a specific objective or achievement of a specific goal has to be conducted.

Secondly, in principle there is no the property inherent in all material products. Feature of information is also that it is applied as a resource or part of current assets of management and at the same time its part are consumed as fixed assets. It creates certain difficulties during the using of information products and determination of cost of service of users.

Sellers everything use not price tools of marketing, such as assignment to goods of branded names more widely, the individualization of goods, advertizing and sales promotion, and to them is necessary information how the market reacts to use of these tools.

Definition of a problem is a formulation of a subject of market research. Without it it is possible to collect unnecessary and expensive information and to confuse rather, than to clear a problem. Good performance of this operation focuses on collecting and the analysis of the concrete information necessary for decision-making.

When carrying out experiments researchers need to watch closely compliance each other of experimental and control groups, not to have on participants impact the presence, to give instructions in absolutely uniform way and to watch observance of all other conditions.

System of the analysis of marketing information - a set of perfect methods of the analysis of marketing data and problems of marketing. However a number of firms considers similar approach either too technical, or too academic.

Thirdly, the firm buys data from third-party suppliers of external current information. For receiving selections of advertizing of competitors, data on their publicity expenses and a set of the advertizing media used by them resort to paid services of bureau of cuttings.

Market researches should be considered as part of constantly operating integrated information process. It is necessary that the firm developed and used system of continuous tracking environment and data storage they could be analyzed in the future. The marketing information system can be defined as set of the procedures and methods developed for creation, the analysis and distribution of information for the advancing marketing decisions on a regular constant basis.