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Nitrites appear in water mainly as a result of biochemical oxidation of ammonia or restoration of nitrates. In a surface water in the presence of enough oxygen at high values of oxidation-reduction potential processes of biochemical oxidation dominate.

In a surface water nitrates usually are present at noticeable quantities except for the period of intensive development of a phytoplankton in reservoirs when the content of nitrates can fall up to ischezayushche small sizes.

Data on changes in concentration of nitrates and ratios between concentration of other forms of nitrogen can be used for the characteristic of intensity of processes of self-cleaning and the self-clearing ability of reservoirs.

The smallest maintenance of ions of ammonium in the 1st and 2 lakes, and in the 3rd lake it exceeds maximum concentration limit. It is connected as that coast have cane thickets, and also that the edge of water has inhabited constructions drains from which getting in lakes, pollute it.

The results tells that water of 1-st and 2-nd lake consistence of nitric compounds is low in all three forms and conforms with ecological standards. In water of 3-rd lake it’s observed high concentration of nitrites and ammonium salts that significantly exceeds highest permissible concentrations. Concentration of nitrites is 44 milligrams per liter and concentration of ammonium nitrogen is 38 milligrams per liter. Ecological norms are correspondingly 08 and 38 milligrams per liter maximum.